Visitors have already been brought you to your site, but they do not purchase anything? Perhaps there is a bug on your site - in user-friendliness, in text or in its logic. We will help you identify these deficiencies which discourage visitors from converting and help you modify your site to meet your goals.

We will propose adjustments to landing pages.
Using A / B Tests, we find out what page layouts or texts the visitors prefer.
Using user testing with real people, we come to see what the problem is.
We will help you take steps to implement the conversion rate.

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Why choose SEO Consult?
We have an overlap in many online disciplines, so we can look at your site comprehensively from all sides.
We've tested proven practices for you, and we'll only recommend what's really working.
We'll team up with our team of experts to help you develop the full potential of your site.
We will test your site by having clear data, not just impressions.

It's a shame to invest in PPC advertising or SEO when the visitor turns on the heel immediately and leaves after visiting your website. Invest in CRO so you do not spend money on the ad window and make sure your site actually converts. How does SEO Consult work?

1) We will discuss with you what problems the web site is experiencing.

2) Test it and find deficiencies or elements which to improve.

3) Modify the site based on real knowledge and experience

4) We will further evaluate the benefits of these modifications and bring you best practices from the CRO area.

The CRO price starts at 8,000 CZK excluding VAT.

For a more accurate price calculation, use a non-binding call or call 775 646 333.

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