Do you want to start e-mail marketing or start a professional-level e-mail and newsletter? Take advantage of our know-how. We choose the appropriate distribution software, prepare a strategy and specific graphic designs and templates. You are then able to send materials out comfortably and track the statistics.

MailChimp, SmartEmailing, and other spreadsheet software are available to us.
We choose an instrument and strategy based on the specifics of your business and customers.
Prepare templates for the most common types of products.
We will design graphics in your corporate colors or help with copywriting.

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Why choose SEO Consult?
We have a cross-over to many online disciplines and your e-mail marketing activity will logically follow your marketing mix.
Thanks to smart strategy, we do not bother with spam, but we make appeals to customers who have already shown interest.
You'll know what, how, when, and to whom to send email so that nothing is missed.
We are available for consultation and editing, and we respond quickly to your wishes.

By setting up basic processes, our email work does not end. We'll train your employees to work with the distribution software and pass them on best practices in the field of targeting and copywriting so your emails do not end up in the trash and ensure that they have as high open-rate and become a stable source of attendance and profit. We will discuss your ideas and propose the ideal solution.

For a more accurate price calculation, we can offer you a non-binding consultation or call 775 646 333.

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