Merchant Search Engines

Do you want to reach customers through comparison shopping website such as Heureka, or Google Shopping, but do not know how to get started? We will prepare XML feeds of your merchandise and manage your company profiles. Are you on the comparators already, but are not getting results? We will audit your activities, fix errors, and conduct reports to meet your business goals.

With SEO Consult, you will start to work effectively with these online tools.
We can link comparison shopping websites to other online marketing channels, such as PPC
You will not waste your energy nor your budget, we have already verified the best practices for you
From the search engines, you get the most customers who really buy.

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Why choose SEO Consult?
We have overlaps with many online disciplines and your activities will be effectively linked.
It does not matter if you are a small e-shop or an online shopping gallery. We will prepare a tailor-made strategy.
We will be available for queries, edits, and regular reports.
Your activity on search engines will be continually optimized for the best results.

Are you entering the field of search engines for the first time? We will prepare all the necessary feeds for you, select the appropriate comparison shopping website for your market segment, and see that everything runs the way it should.

Are you already present in search engines, but your expectations are not being met? Let's have a look at everything, fix the bugs, and adjust your strategy to bring real profits from the comparison shopping websites.

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