We'll set up a working PPC ad group that will finally bring you the right customers from your paid Google search and Seznam accounts. We choose the right keywords with an ideal price / performance ratio and adjust your campaign for the long run to maximize your conversions for a minimum of resources.

We will launch your ads within 5 business days.
You will get a 1,000 CZK credit from the start.
You do not pay for ad displays but for a customer clicks to your site.
We will also help you use other advertising systems such as Etarget, RTB, Facebook Ads and more.

Interested in ppc advertising? Fill in a brief form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours

Non-binding consultations

Or call us directly 775 646 333

Why choose PPC ads with the SEO Consult team?
We have been working with PPC campaigns since 2008 and are always bringing you up-to-date best practices.
Your ad accounts are owned by you and you have continuous access to them.
We report campaign results twice a month.
If you already have PPC campaigns but are not satisfied, we will do a free PPC audit.

How do we set up and manage your PPC ad?

1) We will create a PPC ad account or run an audit on a current account.

2) We set up analytics (typically Google Analytics) on the target site where ads are clicked on by customers to better evaluate the campaign (links to orders) and reach potential customers coming to the site (remarketing).

3) We will prepare a keyword analysis that will reveal the most interesting keywords that customers enter in the search line. We'll select the best value for your money for the ads.

4) We will prepare the texts of the advertisements and we always consult with you.

5) We put up your ads and follow  their performance. We then optimize the campaign - we will support the most popular ads and identify the less efficient ones. We will reduce the cost-per-click and higher ad relevance to get more conversions - orders, contacts, and the right customers.

Prices for PPC ad setup

1)  We audit your existing PPC campaigns for free.

2) W set up new campaigns for smaller e-shops and tradesmen: 1,800 - 3,000 CZK excluding VAT.

3) We set up up new campaigns for websites and e-shops with a larger range of services and products: 3,000 - 5,000 CZK excluding VAT

Prices for continuous PPC ad management

PPC ad management (campaign) cost per search query: 1 000 - 4 000 CZK excluding VAT / per month. We are  happy to help small businesses and freelancers.


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